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Smart Integrated Machines

One-Stop Smart Manufacturing Turnkey Solutions

One-Stop Smart Manufacturing Turnkey Solutions

SmartMore provides one-stop smart manufacturing turnkey solutions, having delivered more than 60 different types of all-in-one machines.





High Efficiency

High Precision

High Precision

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

Machine Vision

Comprehensive solutions set up to satisfy multiple requirements, including but not limited to realizing OCR and detection of various product types.

Inspection from all angles

Visual inspections performed from all angles at one station on the production line.

High Speed

Enables simultaneous, high-speed image processing at multiple stations with a cycle time of up to 10k pcs/h.

Product Suite

Smart Code-Reading and Labeling Machine for SMT Reels

Smart Code-Reading and Labeling Machine for SMT Reels

Our first code reading and labeling machine automates the SMT tray storage process. SMT trays are automatically fed, identified, labelled, inspected and sorted in one machine, capable of processing 800 trays per hour, triple throughput of manual operation. The device is compatible with various tray sizes and can also identify tray features such as product quantity, PSN code, 09 code, model number, batch and more.

Mini LED Smart Visual Inspection Machine

This integrated smart detection machine is an ideal choice for automated optical inspection (AOI) and lighting inspection of MiniLED during the production process. Accurate identification of visual defects are achieved through cutting edge optical equipment alongside SmartMore’s robust visual inspection algorithms. Detection accuracy, cycle time and product size can be flexibly adjusted, maintaining high quality assurance standards. The automatic smart defect detection system can effectively manage production quality while realizing digital management of the production line.

Integrated Smart Inspection Machine for Consumer Electronics

Integrated Smart Inspection Machine for Consumer Electronics

Based on the industry's leading machine vision and deep learning algorithm capabilities, combined with a 5-axis inspection equipment, SmartMore has launched this smart visual inspection machine. This device provides 360° visual inspection of surface defects for various electronics products, improving inspection consistency and efficiency. It is also equipped with high-speed image processing units at four stations that can inspect 1,200 pcs/h, significantly improving overall efficiency.