SMore VS1000 Pro

SMore VS1000 Pro
SMore VS1000 Pro
Product introduction

SMore VS 1000 The Pro features a high-performance deep learning chip and auto-tuning autofocus lenses that allow you to quickly set up for different conditions without having to adjust from scratch. With a read range of 100 to 1,000mm, it provides customers with a fast, reliable and adaptable code reading solution.

Product features
Ultra-flexible light source system

It features four individually controlled leds with two light sources, red and white, and 24 brightness levels.

Polarized and unpolarized models for highly reflective code reading environments such as metal surfaces are available.

Excellent read performance

It integrates machine vision and deep learning algorithms for fast and accurate code reading. It can handle complex conditions such as processing multiple codes on the screen or adapting to various reading conditions.

Adjust parameters with one click.

It automatically adjusts exposure time and light sensitivity parameters for more efficient deployment.

Mechanical auto-focusing

It can change the manual focus to auto focus and supports code reading from 100mm to 1,000mm.

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