Opportunities for the semiconductor industry

Driven by parallel demands from the automobile, consumer electronics, IoT and other such industries, the semiconductor industry is constantly innovating and producing chips that are smaller, faster and more reliable. Depending on where they are to be used, these semiconductors must maintain their performance under harsh conditions too, making quality control essential.

Our Solutions

SmartMore provides holistic visual inspection systems for semiconductor production processes, from the wafer foundry to assembly and installation onto circuit boards.

Accurate Measurement

With experienced technicians and engineers, we can design optical solutions to accurately measure the dimensions of target objects with high precision standards.

Consistent Quality Control Standards

Ensure the consistency and efficiency of quality control standard across multiple production lines.

High Performance

Continually optimizing manufacturing process using high-performance algorithms and hardware.

Wafer Foundry
Defect detection of DRAM
Counting of chips
Defect detection of wafer
  • Defect detection of DRAM

    For the enterprises covering both design and manufacturing of DRAM, there are usually diverse pain points in silicon wafer testing projects, such as a wide variety of digital units and a high degree of similarity. Thus, a high-precision quality inspection scheme is urgently needed. With our human-machine collaborative workflow based on a high-precision visual inspection scheme, our machine vision solution can solve 90% + of the problems, and the rest can be manually inspected asynchronously to ensure the overall accuracy of the process without affecting efficiency. As a result, the project cycle has been greatly shortened and the quality has been significantly improved.Our solution was applied to a design and fabrication company of DRAM, for the defect detection of DRAM, with a detection rate of 99.5%.

  • Counting of chips

    Regarding the chip counting project, it is usually necessary to count a variety of chips quickly, accurately and intelligently. The changes in product size and shape, and the compatible algorithms are the challenges for this project. Our solution was applied to an IT company, for the counting of chips with a precision rate of 98.5%. Our SMore ViMo realizes the detection and counting of a variety of semiconductor chips, and successfully solves the fragmentation problem of manual counting. Meanwhile, the semi-automatic standard wafer counter is easy to carry and deploy, which greatly saves manpower and material costs.

  • Defect detection of wafer

    In view of the various defects in the production process of the memory chip, we design the visual defect detection solution with SMore ViMo to improve the yield rate, reduce the labor cost and increase the chip design efficiency. Our solution was applied to a semiconductor manufacturer, achieving an efficiency increase of 50% and 100% full inspection.

Assembly & Test
Visual inspection of assembly of semiconductor
Appearance inspection of IGBT modules
  • Visual inspection of assembly of semiconductor

    Our solution was applied to a global leading smartphone manufacturer, for scratch detection of the middle frame, with a detection rate of 99.9%.

  • Appearance inspection of IGBT modules

    Our solution was applied to an appearance inspection project of IGBT modules for a semiconductor company, achieving a false alarm rate of less than 0.5% and zero miss rate of major defects.

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