SMore VN800

SMore ViNeo VN800
SMore ViNeo VN800
Product Description

SMore ViNeo (VN800) is a compact smart vision sensor developed by SmartMore. The VN800 can adjust the focus and zoom automatically within milliseconds with the built-in liquid lens and proprietary algorithms. It also provides edge processing capabilities, such as absence/presence detection, front and back surfaces identification and target counting functions.

Product Features
Liquid Lens Technology

Equipped with a liquid lens and the proprietary focusing algorithm of Cube-A Technology developed by SmartMore, the VN800 can adjust its focus and zoom within milliseconds. The one-click parameter adjustment function allows the VN800 to automatically tune the level of focus, zoom, exposure, gain, lighting and more to adapt to a variety of image-capturing scenarios. It can be used in production lines that change frequently, as well as scenarios where the targets will be at different heights.

Various Visual Tools

VN800 is powered by high-precision positioning and detection algorithms to fulfill a variety of functions including absence / presence detection, item counting and more. Together with the zero-code software SMore Vision, users are guided through the application setup in 4 simple steps, allowing a streamlined development process from installation to deployment.

Flexible Visual Accessories

The variety of light source modules integrated in the VN800 series allows reliable image capturing performance with flexibility, adapted to different mainstream visual error detection application scenarios across industries.

Compact Design and Easy Installation

At the size of 47mm x 25mm x 43mm, the compact design allows VN800 to fit into a narrow space. With 4 built-in LEDs light sources and 2 green locator lights, users can easily identify the target reading area.

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