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ViMo Studio

Product Description

ViMo Studio is an industrial machine vision software created by Smartmore. It is a user-friendly solution that utilizes a graphical interface for easy operation. With its flexible configuration options, users can efficiently implement a wide range of machine vision applications, including size measurement, assembly positioning, defect detection, OCR, and code reading. The software incorporates cutting-edge algorithm modules like deep learning, and it offers the capability to export running software and SDK to cater to the intricate and diverse requirements of industrial applications.



Product Features


Rich Algorithm Tailored to Specific Needs:

Our solution offers a wide range of powerful algorithms tailored to specific inspection requirements. By combining traditional visual tools with deep learning algorithms, we create robust quality control systems for industrial applications.
Drawing on over 20 years of research and practical experience, our deep learning algorithms excel in complex industrial scenarios. The general model quickly identifies target defects, while our library of traditional vision tools handles tasks like calibration, positioning, detection, measurement, logic, and calculations.


One-click Generation of Visual Schemes:

With our intuitive graphical interface, you can effortlessly construct a visual inspection process in minutes. The running software designer provides a practical UI control library, granting control over running processes, yield statistics, performance monitoring, and user permissions. This caters to the diverse needs of engineers and operators in different roles. Our end-to-side software design eliminates the need for programming, reducing labor costs and expediting the implementation of visual inspection projects.


Extensive Hardware Compatibility, Flexible Integration with Production Line:

Our solution is highly adaptable to various hardware configurations, allowing seamless integration with production lines. It supports popular industrial camera brands for easy image acquisition and communicates flawlessly using common protocols. The export side's independent deployment ensures stable operation on the production line.

Application Cases