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ViMo Deeplearning

Product Description

ViMo Deeplearning is a desktop industrial vision deep learning training software developed by SmartMore. Leveraging the cutting-edge computer vision algorithms from ViMo Cloud, the product focuses on refining and optimizing smart annotation, automatic algorithm training, rapid model tuning, and efficient SDK inference. Additionally, it is user-friendly and requires zero programming skills, allowing users to accomplish core tasks in smart manufacturing production lines, such as material classification, defect detection, object localization, and character recognition.

As a desktop software, ViMo Deeplearning complements ViMo Cloud by providing offline model training capabilities. This achievement enables the ViMo product series to offer comprehensive coverage of capabilities in the industrial vision field, empowering more enterprises with opportunities for visual intelligence upgrades and facilitating the practical implementation of intelligent manufacturing upgrades.


Product Features


Advanced Smart Annotation, Boosting Operational Efficiency:

ViMo Deeplearning offers a range of image annotation features, including AI-powered annotation, non-learning regions and label soft/hard merging. With one-click AI-powered annotation, average efficiency can be improved by over 70% while maintaining the same annotation accuracy.


On-site Data Processing with Enterprise Privacy Protection:

By leveraging the capabilities of edge computing, ViMo Deeplearning enables on-site processing of production line data and model construction without the need to copy data off-site. This approach effectively safeguards enterprise production privacy, eliminating concerns about the leakage of confidential information such as materials, equipment, and production line plans.


Model SDK Export for Stable and Flexible Development:

ViMo Deeplearning supports one-click deployment of models for real-time inference and operates seamlessly in multiple development languages and system environments, effectively accommodating various hardware types. By leveraging techniques such as model distillation and pruning, it creates compact yet powerful models that stably run in different scenarios, including intelligent vision controllers, smart cameras, and industrial computers.


In-depth Data Analysis for Intelligent Decision-making:

The software provides visual analysis of model inference data and interactive post-processing capabilities. Through visualized graphs, users can gain insights into global information regarding false positives, false negatives, and defect statistics. Real-time adjustments to various parameters can be made based on inference results, allowing for quick alignment with false positive rates, false negative rates, and other indicators. This enables flexible project delivery.


Edge + Cloud, Overcoming Production Line Constraints:

In offline environments, ViMo Deeplearning complements ViMo Cloud by providing offline model training capabilities. This comprehensive coverage in the industrial vision field ensures data format, model format, and solution format compatibility between the two products. ViMo Deeplearning projects can seamlessly integrate with ViMo Cloud, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of cloud services effortlessly. It provides more enterprises with opportunities for visual intelligence upgrades, facilitating the practical implementation of intelligent manufacturing upgrades.

Application Cases