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ViMo Cloud

Product Description

ViMo Cloud is an AI full-process platform designed for industrial vision applications, providing a one-stop solution that includes project management, data management, scheme design, and model building. Relying on SmartMore's industry-leading self-developed algorithms as its core foundation, ViMo Cloud offers a plug-and-play algorithm toolset that can effectively solve problems such as material tracking, defect location, workpiece counting, and appearance defect detection on production lines. The cloud-based deployment of the platform further reduces the cost of computing power resources, helps realize low-threshold construction of visual models with efficient iteration and rapid deployment, empowers multi-level business scenarios, and accelerates the implementation of industrial AI applications.


Product Features


High-precision Algorithms for Manufacturing with 20+ Years of Experience


Graphical Interface for Flexible Detection Schemes Adapted to Various Scenarios


Cutting-edge Intelligent Labeling Tool for Annotation Efficiency Improvement


Fine-grained Version Control for Orderly Model Tracing and Reproduction


Adaptable User Management and Resource Scheduling for Maximum Collaborative Efficiency

Application Cases