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SMore VS2000

High-end Industrial Barcode Scanner

Product Description

Powered by deep-learning algorithms, SMore VS2000 is able to provide outstanding reading services for both 2D and 3D codes on over 50 materials. Defined as a smart industrial barcode scanner, SMore VS2000 supports deployment in various complicated and severe environments and provides rapid and accurate code-reading solutions.

Product Features


Abundant Lens Mount

  • Provide different lens options of M-mount and C-mount. M-mount covers focal lengths of 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, and 35mm. Combined with flexible C-mount lenses, the largest range covers field applications.

Ultra-high Speed Focus

  • Equipped with a distance sensor, SMore VS2000 is capable of inspecting the accurate position between material and lens. Besides, it can provide rapid inspection with only a few barcode samples.


High Resolution & Broad View

  • Equipped with an image sensor above 5MP, it realizes a large field of view that is several times larger than before, and satisfies barcode reading in a large field of view.

Modular Light Source Design

  • Modular light source design is adopted, providing a standard light source module with 16 LED lights and a high-brightness light source module with 34 LED lights. You can choose a suitable light source according to different scenarios and reduce the need for high-cost external lighting.