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SMore VN4000

Advanced Industrial Vision Sensor

Product Description

Integrated with deep learning algorithms, SMore VN4000 can achieve various vision inspections by a few training samples without any parameters deploying and adjusting. It supports a flexible working distance that can hold different installation spaces.

Product Features


Binary Classification

  • Integrated with deep-learning algorithms, SMore VN4000 is more powerful to inspect presence/absence, counting, U/D, and other error-proofing scenarios. With stronger computing power, SMore VN4000 supports more complicated applications by binary classification.

Low-shot Learning

  • With the adoption of advanced pre-training model, SMore VN4000 supports few learning samples to reach better performance.


Various Communication Modes

  • SMore VN4000 supports various communication modes, including TCP Server, TCP Client, ModBus TCP, MELSEC, class="nowrap">SLMP, RS-232, EtherNet/IP to transfer data.