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SMore VN2000

Smart Industrial Vision Sensor

Product Description

SMore VN2000, equipped with advanced vision algorithms, is a compact industrial intelligent vision sensor that can be applied to various inspection scenarios and industries, such as automotive, food, medical, cosmetics, and precision industry. Besides, small in size and one-click tuning function support manufacturers to plug and conduct in severe environments.

Product Features


Advanced Liquid Focus

  • Equipped with self-developed Cube-A technology, SMore VN2000 is able to reach millisecond-level zoom speed in a single operation. In addition, it also supports automated adjustment of focus, exposure, gain, light source switching, and other parameters according to the dark and bright field with the function of one-click tuning.

No Code Solutions

  • Easy-to-use software can be installed without any technical skills. Solutions can be deployed and adjusted quickly only by four steps.


Abundant Vision Algorithms

  • With built-in high-precision positioning and detection algorithms, SMore VN2000 is capable of detecting presence/absence, counting, U/D and other error-proofing scenarios. It supports a working distance of 40-400 mm, also providing multiple vision inspection applications.

Flexible Light Sources

  • SMore VN2000 succeeds in providing rich optics from polarized, half-polarized, unpolarized light to red/white light source according to different scenarios and various materials.