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SMore Light3D

Product Description

SMore Light3D is based on industrial digital twin platforms' core capabilities and operational experience, it is built upon breakthroughs in fully automated modeling technology and consists of a comprehensive perception center, a data platform integrating OT and IT systems, and a holographic spatiotemporal visualization center. The three-dimensional simulation and visualization platform enables the simulation, evaluation, and optimization of product manufacturing processes. lt enables big data analysis, predictive alerts, and scenario-based inference, providing intelligent products and services encompassing the entire intelligent manufacturing process, offering the capabilities of retrospective traceability, real-time perception, current analysis, and future inference capabilities.


Product Advantages


Fully Automated Rapid Modeling:

We own the image modeling algorithms with independent intellectual property rights, as well as the industry-leading image processing algorithm team. As a result, we can provide professional solutions for rapid modeling of all kinds of industrial scenarios and equipment and can achieve fast and high-quality automated modeling based on images/videos.


Establishing Seamless Upstream and Downstream Data Product Services:

With highly scalable services and three-dimensional IoT perception capabilities, we provide a practical solution for the integration, application, display, and analysis of diverse business and data within the digital twin environment.


Coverage of the Entire Production Manufacturing Process:

Covering the full life-cycle management of industrial intelligent manufacturing, including inbound warehousing, production line monitoring, packaging, and outbound, and operational management. Promoting the integration of virtual and real, dynamic and static, and the implementation of comprehensive spatial and elemental digital twin manufacturing scenarios and simulation technology.


Efficient Deployment and Launch:

Low threshold, easy to use, balancing efficiency and quality, achieving low-cost delivery.

Applications Cases

Applicable to Different Scenarios Such as Equipment, Production Line, Factory, and Industrial Park

Applications Cases

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