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SMore Data

Product Description

SMore Data, the big data platform developed by SmartMore, is a next-generation platform tailored for manufacturing enterprises. It provides end-to-end data products including data integration, data development, data governance, data assets, data visualization, and secure operations and maintenance, empowering enterprises with comprehensive data lifecycle management.
Based on SmartMore's rich application experience and technical expertise in the industrial domain, SMore Data enables enterprises to establish a comprehensive system for data association. With professional, efficient, secure, and stable end-to-end customized solutions, it helps enterprises achieve connectivity among intelligent manufacturing, services, and users. This enables enterprises to obtain holistic data awareness, adjust operational modes in a timely manner, and make effective and informed decisions.


Major Advantages


Breaking Industrial Data Silos

Focusing on the field of industrial data platforms, empowering digital innovation and development in the industrial sector. Based on SmartMore's rich industrial intelligent manufacturing business scenarios, we create a comprehensive data asset system, extend digital services, innovate research and development design patterns, and achieve cost reduction, quality improvement, efficiency enhancement, and personalized intelligent production.


One-stop Platform Deployment

Based on an integrated middle platform design system focusing on data integration, data development, data assets, data governance, data services, and data visualization, we provide a unified one-stop industrial big data service. It offers high adaptability and compatibility by integrating with mainstream data storage and computing platforms in the market.


Secure, Stable, and High-performance

With a decentralized distributed architecture, our platform supports the dynamic expansion of cluster nodes. The core data storage, computation, transmission, and exchange systems are developed in-house, ensuring independent control. We provide secure resource isolation, access control, audit logs, and process control services. Additionally, we support data encryption and multi-replica storage to ensure data security and reliability from multiple dimensions.


Data Intelligence, Ready to Use

We closely cater to the needs of industrial digitization scenarios by providing an out-of-the-box, user-friendly and visually intuitive interface. Our platform offers comprehensive industrial data intelligence services, including knowledge base management, model library management, algorithm library management, model pool, and training pool. This significantly reduces the learning curve for industrial big data development.

Core Functions