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SMore AIoT

Product Description

SMore AIoT industrial internet platform integrates core technologies such as AI, computer vision, digital twin, IoT, and big data. It is a comprehensive application platform designed for industrial enterprises, extending from the OT layer to the IT layer. The AIoT platform covers multiple scenarios across the device, production line, factory, and enterprise layers. It provides end-to-end digital services for intelligent production, operation, management, and visual decision-making, empowering manufacturing enterprises to reduce costs, optimize inventory, save energy, and reduce emissions. improve quality, and enhance efficiency, thus creating a new generation of intelligent factories.



Product Function Points

功能点 拷贝



Equipment Process Layer

IoT, Optimization of Industrial Parameters

产品优势 拷贝

Production&Factory Layer

Transparent Factory of Digital Twin, Smart Logistics, Predicative Operation Management of Equipment, Optimization of Equipment, Optimization of Consumption Analysis, Visual Lean Operation Management, Quality Management of AI-ADC, AI-OCR for Non-Intelligent Device


Enterprises Applications

Data Lake, Enterprise Management Dashboard

Application Cases

Defect detection of ground finish surface of steering knuckle