Precision Optics
Precision Optics
Opportunities in the precision optics industry

Precision optics manufacturers have unique considerations as well as their own polishing techniques when fabricating lenses. Together with a high standard for delivery, where acceptance standards can require roughness values less than 1 angstrom, robust quality control and traceability are absolutely necessary.

Our Solutions

SmartMore has developed a series of precision automation and inspection solutions to further enhance traceability of materials, finished products and processes during precision optics manufacturing.

Ensured Traceability

Applying optical design capability along with advanced code reading algorithms, we offer detection and decoding solutions of codes on special materials to ensure traceability of finished products.

Data-driven Production

Generate rules and insights based on analysis of real equipment and production data to facilitate informed process optimization, predictive maintenance and decision making of manufacturing activities.

Integrated Software and Hardware

Support exporting machine vision models as SDKs to integrate with existing systems or as stand-alone equipment with embedded software and hardware components.

Flexible Production Line of Optical Lens
Flexible production of optical lenses covering diverse processes
  • Flexible production of optical lenses covering diverse processes

    With the increasingly diversified consumer needs, lens manufacturers nowadays are shifting R&D focus from single vision lenses to a greater variety of products. As a result, their production plans are adjusted for varieties, small batches and customization requirements. These changes demand higher flexibility and adaptability of the production lines.To help our clients adapt to the above requirement, SmartMore developed integrated solutions that supports labeling, coating, conveying, code scanning, and sorting of varied categories of products, allowing more flexible production.

Big Data Analysis of Lens Coating
Big data analysis for lens manufacturing
  • Big data analysis for lens manufacturing

    Lens coating is the core process in lens manufacturing. During this process, the coating machine generates hundreds or tens of hundreds of data. By analyzing production data, manufacturers can determine the quality of lens coating and improve production processes. To perform data analysis, manufacturers currently relies on the experience of process experts, while subjectiveness, consistency and accuracy may vary.Our data analysis solution aims to fully explore the value of process data, accurately determine process quality, guide the detection of defects, and ultimately enable engineers to apply predictive maintenance with data-driven insights.

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