SMore VS1000
SMore VS1000
Product Description

Powered by SmartMore's deep learning algorithm, a high-speed multi-core SMP processor, and a megapixel image sensor, the SMore VS 1000 provides excellent reading capabilities for 1D and 2D codes on over 50 materials. Flexible and easy to use, the VS 1000 can adapt to a wide range of conditions, providing accurate, rapid and reliable code reading solutions.

Product Features
Excellent Reading Performance

The VS1000 is able to recognize various types of readable codes on different materials and confounding situations that regular scanners may not be able to handle. These include but are not limited to low contrast, poor printing quality, curved and/or reflective surfaces, or even distorted code due to varying camera angles.

Ultra-flexible Light Source System

VS1000 is installed with red, white and polarized light sources to support code reading on different backgrounds. The four independently controlled lighting units provide consistent lighting across a variety of lighting conditions for optimal reading. Polarized and regular light sources are integrated, allowing consistent performance on both non-reflective and highly reflective surfaces.

High-precision Field of View

Four different models of fixed-focus lens to read codes at distances between 30mm to 125mm.

Parallel Deployment Method

The VS1000 can be deployed as a network such that scanning performance can be maintained while the field of view is expanded, or when multiple angles and surfaces need to be scanned simultaneously.

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