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SmartMore Technology, a relentless innovator in the realm of intelligent manufacturing, is on a mission to "dedicate to continuous innovation and create outstanding value." As a standard provider of integrated software and hardware products and solutions, SmartMore boasts leading capabilities in the full-stack domains of "light," "mechanics," "electronics," "computing," and "software." With over two decades of technological accumulation and unique business insights, SmartMore Technology consistently forges scalable and inclusive intelligent industrial and digital innovation platforms. This commitment propels the intelligent upgrade and digital transformation of the industrial manufacturing sector.

automated vision inspection system

Currently, SmartMore has served over 200 top-tier global enterprises, including Carl Zeiss, Airbus, Bosch, Canon, Continental, and Schaeffler, through its in-house developed intelligent industrial platform, intelligent sensor products, and integrated smart equipment. By harnessing technology, SmartMore empowers these industry leaders to achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, and advanced smart manufacturing. Moreover, SmartMore continues to broaden the horizons of intelligent manufacturing. Leveraging the "smart manufacturing+" platform and digitalization solutions, the company autonomously developed a digital manufacturing management system. This system covers application scenarios from production lines to factories, providing comprehensive and high-quality products and solutions to customers worldwide.

automated vision inspection system

In the pursuit of excellence, SmartMore Technology brings cutting-edge solutions to the forefront. Their automated vision inspection system, a cornerstone of quality control solutions, revolutionizes the manufacturing landscape. This automated vision inspection system, seamlessly integrated into industrial automation systems, ensures precision and reliability at every stage of production.

SmartMore's digital camera embedded system enhances the capabilities of traditional equipment, making processes more efficient and outcomes more accurate. For wafer fabrication companies seeking trusted semiconductor solutions, SmartMore's wafer defect inspection system is an indispensable asset. It guarantees the integrity and quality of semiconductor components, critical for the electronics industry.

As industries continue to evolve, SmartMore Technology remains at the forefront, offering solutions that not only meet but exceed the demands of a rapidly changing world. Scan the code for elaborated solutions and embark on a journey of innovation, efficiency, and excellence with SmartMore Technology. With a commitment to continuous innovation, SmartMore Technology is reshaping the future of manufacturing, one intelligent solution at a time.

The automated vision inspection system is a pillar of SmartMore's quality control solutions, bringing automation and precision to the production process. This automated vision inspection system integrates seamlessly with industrial automation systems for maximum efficiency. The automated vision inspection system leverages advanced imaging and analysis to identify defects and irregularities.

SmartMore's machine vision inspection system ensures consistent quality control through sophisticated imaging and analytics. This machine vision inspection system can detect flaws and issues across manufacturing workflows. The machine vision inspection system is a robust tool for quality assurance.

As a leader in industrial automation systems, SmartMore streamlines operations for enhanced productivity. Their industrial automation system coordinates machines, devices, and processes for optimized workflows. The industrial automation system allows for flexible and efficient automated production.

The digital camera embedded system from SmartMore elevates equipment capabilities for the intelligent factory. This digital camera embedded system provides key visual data to inform automation and quality control. The digital camera embedded system enables informed decision-making through advanced imaging.

SmartMore offers trusted semiconductor solutions including the wafer defect inspection system. This wafer defect inspection system thoroughly examines wafers for abnormalities to ensure component quality. For wafer fabrication companies, this system is indispensable for guaranteeing the integrity of semiconductors. The wafer defect inspection system safeguards semiconductor quality through comprehensive wafer analysis.

Scan the code for SmartMore's complete range of intelligent manufacturing solutions, including the automated vision inspection system, machine vision inspection system, industrial automation system, digital camera embedded system, and wafer defect inspection system. With continuous innovation, SmartMore is pioneering the future of intelligent manufacturing.


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SmartMore Corporation is a fast-growing high-tech company specialized in providing comprehensive products & solutions for smart manufacturing and digital innovation.

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SmartMore offers solutions that enable enterprises to achieve Manufacturing Optimization and Automation (MOA), through the optimization of cost, manufacturing efficiency, quality control, ESG and more. We help manufacturers realize best practices through the application of technologies such as deep learning, digital platforms, automation equipment.