Product Description

SMore Data, the big data platform developed by SmartMore, is a next-generation platform tailored for manufacturing enterprises. It provides end-to-end data products including data integration, data development, data governance, data assets, data visualization, and secure operations and maintenance, empowering enterprises with comprehensive data lifecycle management.

Based on SmartMore's rich application experience and technical expertise in the industrial domain, SMore Data enables enterprises to establish a comprehensive system for data association. With professional, efficient, secure, and stable end-to-end customized solutions, it helps enterprises achieve connectivity among intelligent manufacturing, services, and users. This enables enterprises to obtain holistic data awareness, adjust operational modes in a timely manner, and make effective and informed decisions.

Major Advantages
Core Functions
Data Integration
Data Development
Data Assets
  • Data Integration

    We provide a stable, efficient, and scalable data synchronization platform that focuses on delivering high-speed and stable data movement and synchronization capabilities across diverse and complex digital networks within enterprises. Our platform is dedicated to enabling seamless data integration among heterogeneous data sources in a fast and reliable manner.

  • Data Development

    Our platform provides a one-stop, visualized tool development environment based on a configurable concept. It includes modules such as interactive data querying, offline development, real-time development, machine learning, and project management. These modules support developers in quickly implementing end-to-end data processing tasks.

  • Data Assets

    We manage enterprise data assets and build upon the achievements of data standard management. This allows for the definition, discoverability, comprehensibility, trustworthiness, and accessibility of data assets. Through the efficient implementation of data assetization and business-oriented approaches, we support the value realization of data assets.

Data Governance
Data Visualization
Security Operation and Maintenance
  • Data Governance

    We provide a unified and visualized data service that encompasses data service development, subscription, distribution, invocation, operation, quality, security, and lifecycle management. Based on enterprise data assets, we offer data interfaces to support secure consumption of data assets by external parties.

  • Data Visualization

    It is a tool platform that utilizes visualization techniques to analyze and display data, and helps non-experts and engineers to easily configure professional-level visual applications through a graphical interface. It caters to various business needs such as large screen displays, alerts, and analysis by providing visual solutions.

  • Security Operation and Maintenance

    This center provides functionalities such as task operation and maintenance dashboard, intelligent diagnostics, resource operation and maintenance. It provides multi-dimensional security operation and maintenance control capabilities for enterprise data secruity, including task operations and status, engine management, and resource management.

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