Quality Control & Visual Inspection
Quality Control & Visual Inspection

Whether for automobile chassis, printed circuit boards, prescription lenses or batteries-products need to be inspected to confirm they meet a range of statutory and contractual quality standards before they can be delivered to the customer. Currently, quality control standards are often upheld manually, requiring extensive manpower and domain expertise. Maintaining consistency across quality control personnel and processes while maintaining operational efficiency can be challenging.

Our Solutions

We apply machine vision to high-performing visual inspection systems that combine hardware and software to deliver identification, measurement, detection and location functions. These systems enable manufacturing lines across industries to achieve consistent, scalable, and efficient quality control.

The significance of quality control & inspection in manufacturing can never be underrated. However, many factories still rely on quality inspectors to inspect their products, which can be both labor and time-intensive, while susceptible to human errors. Being able to address the above pain points will allow a company to easily become an industry leader. With the resources available at SmartMore, we are able to provide the following capabilities:


Automated inspection

Our solution is able to inspect your production output after the computer vision model has been trained and deployed.

Customized machine vision

The trained model can be exported into an SDK, compatible with a wide range of mainstream programming languages.

Optimized algorithms

The optimized algorithms will empower your production line with four core functions: detection, classification, segmentation, and OCR.

Through our SMore ViMo
you will be able to automatically inspect the entire production output around the clock after the computer vision model has been trained and deployed.

Automated inspection

Traditional product inspection processes are time and labor-intensive endeavors, which may not scale appropriately to allow for inspection of all the products.

High performance

Our platform features a variety of high-precision computer vision algorithms built specifically for industrial applications.

Simple introduction

With an intuitive user interface and straightforward deployment processes, we have empowered over 100 industry leaders across 30 different sectors with this specialized toolset without the need to know how to code.


We have proven use cases across the new energy, semiconductor, automobile, consumer electronics, as well as other industries in need of visual.

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