Other Industries
Other Industries
Opportunities in the Other Industries

SmartMore has extended its reach beyond manufacturing and fabrication into other industries through providing similar quality control and traceability solutions.

Code Scanning Solutions for Logistics
We provide comprehensive and streamlined solutions for handling specialized products requiring traceability based on production date, batch number and other customized features. SmartMore has a range of logistics solutions, in the form of scanners for the production line to a scanning application for mobile devices.
Batch scanning
  • Batch scanning

    Integrating powerful machine vision algorithms, our scanning solutions are capable of batched scanning, saving processing time and preventing codes being duplicated or missed. With the aid of the manipulator, conveyor belt and gantry, the batch scanning of up to 100 barcodes can be realized through the automatic rotating tray, accommodating for irregular placement of goods and inconsistent directions of labels.

Warehouse Digital Twin
Through SmartMore’s Digital Twin and Business Insight platforms, real-time operational data can be overlaid on a digital representation of a warehouse or manufacturing site. Real-time status and condition of production lines, equipment and product can be monitored and accessed.
Digital twin
  • Digital twin

    We offer a massive collection of 3D models to generate a digital twin of warehouses. Our SMore 3DLight platform can build models rapidly based on images and videos with the help of automated modeling algorithms. Such models, together with the model repair tools, can significantly reduce the modeling costs. Along with SMore BI and SMore Chart, users can also monitor various conditions of the warehouse remotely though visualization of high-precision 3D models and dashboards of real-time data from the process flows as well as equipment and facility status.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing
Food and beverage manufacturing embrace innovations in product quality inspection, packaging inspection, assembly verification, and traceability to deliver consistently high quality, safe products with fewer defects and less waste.
Package Inspection
Quality Inspection
  • Package Inspection

    In FMCG industries, ensuring packaging of finished products in good condition with the correct product information is vital. Damaged packaging or inaccurate information can adversely affect product quality, value and even image perceived by consumers. SmartMore provides visual inspection products and solutions for food and beverage manufacturers. Using SMore ViMo industrial platform along with high-performance industrial cameras, users can apply OCR models to check expiration dates, and detection models to check package features such as printing label are in place or identify broken or damaged packaging on fast-moving conveyors within seconds. The SMore VS Series code scanners can be used to conduct fast scanning of barcodes, QR codes, data matrix codes etc. with easy setup and quick parameter adjustment on production lines.

  • Quality Inspection

    Consistency in product quality as well as appearance matters for customer satisfaction. To maintain standards, manufacturers usually have quality inspectors conduct both sample and full inspection. With high volume in production, factories face the challenge of increasing efficiency and productivity in quality control while staying cost effective.

    With SMore ViMo Smart Industrial Platform, we help food manufacturing clients develop machine vision solutions to automatically count items, detect and even classify defects such as missing edges, small cracks, irregular shapes, appearance differences and so on. Unlike conventional rule-based machine vision solutions, the deep learning models can apply to more product and defect types, giving users more flexibility. Combining with other vision systems such as spectrum camera, users can also carry out inspection of products beyond domestic defects.

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