Professor Jia Jiaya, Founder and Chairman of SmartMore, received the InnoStars Award from Mr. John Lee, Chief Executive of the HKSAR, on 29 July, 2022.


The Chief Executive congratulated Professor Jia and the other eight awardees. He stressed that the InnoStars Award 2021 is meaningful and well-deserved, which sets a good example for Hong Kong’s younger generation. The awardees have been outstanding and exemplary in multiple industries.


Organised by Our Hong Kong Foundation, the InnoStars Award aims to recognise Hong Kong leaders who innovate their way to excellence in science and technology, business model, social innovation, or culture and creativity by pushing beyond traditional boundaries and bringing innovative products and services to the Mainland and overseas. The Award serves to inspire creativity and innovation, promote entrepreneurship, foster economic diversification, and showcase Hong Kong people’s innovative talent.


As an expert in computer vision and computational imaging, Professor Jia has gained worldwide recognition for his academic achievements. With his eyes set on the enormous market potential of smart manufacturing, he founded SmartMore in November 2019.


Professor Jia’s goal is to transfer more than 20 years of research outcome into products and services; thereby, accelerating the progress of smart manufacturing in China and the world. To this end, he is leading the SmartMore team to encourage manufacturers and the entire manufacturing industry to actively implement advanced smart applications and products.


Professor Jia believes that Hong Kong’s “Re-industialisation” is facing an historical opportunity. With deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, high manpower cost will no longer be a problem. Young people in Hong Kong can find more innovation and technology positions.


A new wave of the global industrial revolution is about to begin. SmartMore will continue to contribute to the re-industrialisation process, social and economic development of Hong Kong to the best of our ability.


As Professor Jia said at the Presentation Ceremony, “Innovation is not just a flash of inspiration, but a process of continuous creation and evolution.”

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