SmartMore leans into the sustainability journey with innovation at ReThink Sustainable Business Forum and Solutions Expo, Hong Kong, October 5-6, 2022. It exhibited SMore Twin, and a broad range of cross-industry applications, with highlights on production optimization, industrial automation, and responsible manufacturing.


Stepping into the 3rd edition, ReThink Sustainable Business Forum and Solutions Expo is Hong Kong’s most ambitious business event for sustainable development. This large-scale, cross-sector platform champions the transformation of environmental, social and corporate governance. It also showcases game-changing innovations.

SMore Twin empowers enterprises with a new driving force for digital transformation and intelligent upgrading. It maximizes the application value of digital twins under industrial scenarios. Based on state-of-the-art technologies, SMore Twin integrates decision-making and management into smart manufacturing, and provides a comprehensive solution for managing the product life cycle. The use cases include digital warehouse, smart factory with simulation of production, digital city, etc. SmartMore aims to ensure the data traceability, optimize maintenance arrangements, maximise efficiency, and reduce cost in achieving sustainable development.

Miss Mercy Liu, Head of Global Industrial Business, spoke at the panel discussion titled “A Digital Path to Sustainability: Transforming Systems, Processes and Infrastructure” on Oct 5. Mr. Oscar Hui, Head of Strategy, Investment &Financing, shared insights in another panel discussion on “Our Global, Complex Food Supply Chains: Traceability, Transparency and Sustainability” on Oct 6. They described digital innovation as essential for information-based transformation and upgrading towards a more sustainable future.



With the advanced technology, SmartMore is firmly committed to our mission: “Past is Traceable; Today is Perceptible; Present is Analysable; Future is Inferable.”

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