SmartMore made its debut at Hannover Messe 2022 with its new-generation smart industrial platform and smart barcode scanners to bring visual inspection efficiency to the next level.


SmartMore debuted at Hannover Messe 2022 during 30 May – 2 June,  presenting the smart industrial platform, SMore ViMo2.0, barcode scanner series SMore VS1000, and use cases of quality control in the automotive industry to the European market.

As the world’s leading trade fair and trend barometer for the industrial sector, Hannover Messe always attracts cutting-edge technologies worldwide and features innovation in the field, especially during the current global manufacturing recovery. From industrial automation and quality control to professional services, diverse state-of-the-art technologies can be found in Hannover Messe.


SmartMore debuted at Hannover Messe 2022.

Cutting-edge technologies and products to solve the last-mile problem in quality management

SmartMore presented SMore ViMo2.0, SMore VS1000, and integrated solutions for the automotive industry at Hannover Messe, attracting numerous visitors from car and parts manufacturers as well as from other industries such as medical supplies, electronics and FMCG

SMore ViMo2.0, the smart industrial platform, is equipped with industry-leading machine vision algorithms of detection, segmentation, classification, and OCR. Such algorithms can apply to visual inspection processes across a wide variety of industries, including automotive, new energy, semiconductor, consumer electronics, precision optics, and many others. This zero-coding smart industrial platform enables manufacturers to develop and deploy machine vision models for common tasks such as defect detection, components identification, materials inspection, batch number checking etc., in a few simple clicks, lowering the barrier for automating inspection.

SMore VS1000, along with SmartMore’s new series of code scanners, effectively detect and read 1D and 2D codes in industrial scenarios. Powered by deep learning algorithms and built-in lighting modules, SMore VS1000 is highly flexible and easy to use even under challenging conditions, such as narrow spaces, fast running production lines, uneven surfaces, dark light, and highly reflective materials. SMore ViMo2.0 and SMore VS1000 are easy to use, while maintaining a high precision rate of 99.9%.


Inspection of automotive bearings using SMore ViMo

Exciting solutions for industry professionals

SmartMore also showcased its specific use case of quality inspection for the automotive industry. After watching SmartMore’s live demo, a quality and innovation excellence manager from a global auto manufacturer said, “ViMo and the technology embedded can be a game-changing solution to our current bottle neck in visual inspection – precision with efficiency. It can help our operators to increase the speed of inspection while very high requirement for yield rate, accuracy, and cycle time. And it seems simple and straightforward to use.”


Visitors were keen to learn about the various applications cross industries

SmartMore will also be present at the Manufacturing Expo 2022 (8-9 June) in Birmingham, UK, and automatica Munich 2022 (21-24 June) in Germany.

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