Digital Factory Solution
Digital Factory Solution
Product Description

Based on advanced visual technology, SmartMore leverages deep learning and machine vision as the technical engine. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as IIoT, digital twin, big data, optics, and industrial automation, we are dedicated to creating a comprehensive digital factory solution with the SMore AIoT industrial platform at its core. Our solution focuses on various segments of industrial scenarios, spanning from equipment, production lines, and factory to enterprise applications. Our aim is to help enterprises reduce costs, enhance energy efficiency, improve quality, and increase productivity, ultimately building the next generation of digital smart factories and promoting digital innovation and development in the industry.

Digital Twin Transparent Factory Solution
Solution Overview

1) Leveraging SmartMore's self-developed SMore Light3D digital twin platform, it enables bi-directional data mapping between physical entities and digital twins with automation and IoT technology. It provides a complete simulation of real-world scenarios including equipment, production lines, workshops, and industrial parks, offering 3D monitoring and remote control capabilities.

2) Integrating real-time production data from the enterprises, thus leading to improved yield, efficiency, and predictive analysis, providing lean management capabilities from efficiency to decision-making.

3) Equipped with MR devices and technology, it enables innovative mixed-reality applications such as assembly guidance, remote maintenance, and equipment inspection.

Super Brain of Smart Logistics
Solution Overview

Warehouse logistics is a vital guarantee for enhancing the resilience of the industrial supply chain. SMore Factory WMS, the self-developed intelligent warehouse management system by SmartMore, serves as the core of the intelligent logistics solution. It covers warehouse storage, sorting, distribution, and management processes, combining 3D visualization and intelligent operations to optimize warehouse operation efficiency, reduce operating costs, and enhance resource utilization. Additionally, advanced technologies such as digital twins and AI are developed to enable intelligent applications across various logistics and storage scenarios.

Visual Lean Operations Management Solution
Solution Overview

SmartMore's Visual Lean Operations Management Solution integrates its self-developed IoT platform, data middleware for big data, intelligent BI analytics, and visualized chart systems. It establishes a unified platform for data sharing and analysis, enabling enterprises to complete the collection, storage, cleaning, and statistical analysis of time-series data from the device end. Through intelligent visual analysis dashboards, it provides real-time production and operational status, trend analysis, and scentific decision support for business managers.

6S Safety Production Management Solution
Solution Overview

Safety is the fundamental prerequisite and determining factor in industrial ESH management. Our 6S Safety Production Management Solution leverages AI visual inspection and monitoring techniques to deploy AI visual monitoring tools in different on-site locations such as workshops, laboratories, and parks. By utilizing fixed and movable cameras for data collection, it enables core functionalities such as production monitoring and management, personnel and object tracking, real-time monitoring alerts, and production issue traceability. This solution promotes the improvement of on-site 6S management, leading to a more cautious pre-alarm for industrial accidents.

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