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About Us

SmartMore corporation is a fast-growing high-tech company specialized in providing comprehensive products & solutions for smart manufacturing and digital innovation. We are pioneering in the research of cutting-edge technologies such as manufacturing optimization and machine vision, creating platforms with greater scalability and broader applications.


Become a global leader in innovation and technology


Keep Innovating

Keep Innovating

Creating Excellence

Creating Excellence


  • Released smart industrial platform SMore ViMo 2.0
  • Launched VS800 Series – compact high-performance code scanner with liquid lens
  • Debuted at industry-leading industrial trade fairs in Europe
  • Set up R&D and business centers in Hangzhou,Chongqing,and Singapore
  • Completed the Series B financing with a total amount of over USD 200 million and became a "unicorn" company in smart manufacturing and digita innovation
  • Helped a Fortune 500 auto parts manufacturer build the first production line with unmanned quality inspection; Launched the first full-stack "smart diqital factory" for a qlobal leader in optics, empowering over 500 production lines around the world
  • Signed contract on the SmartMore Beijing Smart R&D Center at the opening ceremony of the Beijing-Hong Kon Economic Cooperation Symposium
  • The SmartMore Smart Manufacturing Lab was officially put into useand over 60 inteqrated standard devices for smart manufacturing were developed and mas ss-produced
  • Set up R&D teams and business centers in Tokyo, Shanghai and Suzhou
  • Completed Series A Funding, becoming one of the youngest “Quasi-Unicorn” Companies
  • Launched our proprietary industrial platform SMore ViMo for commercial use and completed smart transformation of nearly 100 production lines
  • Ranked on over 50 major awards lists, including the "Most Influential Enterprises Award”
  • Founded SmartMore
  • Established R&D Teams and Business Centers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen
  • Completed Angel Investment round
  • Delivered the first commercial project for semiconductor wafer inspection