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SmartMore corporation is a fast-growing high-tech company specialized in providing comprehensive products & solutions for smart manufacturing and digital innovation. We are pioneering in the research of cutting-edge technologies such as manufacturing optimization and machine vision, creating platforms with greater scalability and broader applications.


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Li Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of the 20th CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and premier of the State Council, visited SmartMore.

Unveiled the first industrial LMM, IndustryGPT, and SMore LrMo, the foundation of developing and applying industrial large models.

Owned branch offices qualified as national high-tech enterprises, new special enterprises, and national Post-Doctoral Research Center.

Have submitted 400+ global patent applications and acquired 200+ authorized patents in fields of smart manufacturing, machine vision and deep learning.

Engaged in submitting recommendations to the UN for Global Digital Compact, and the proposal was adopted.

Received 100+ awards and won international recognition on R&D capabilities.


Completed Series B+ financing.

The SmartMore Museum of Innovation was put into operation and the SmartMore Smart Manufacturing Factory was put into use.

Launched the second generation of smart industrial platform SMore ViMo, visual intelligent device MiniLED and five-axis full inspection equipment.

Served 200+ renowned companies, ranging from the precision manufacturing industry, 3C electronics manufacturing industry, new energy lithium battery, automotive, and many more.

Use cases were featured in a white paper on Manufacturing Optimisation and Automation. SMore ViMo was awarded the Smart Business (Emerging Technologies) Award at the Hong Kong ICT Awards, as well as 100+ other industry honour awards.

Engaged in the formulation of multiple standards, including 'Machine Vision System Architecture Standard for Smart Manufacturing Scenarios' and 'Standard for Smart Surface Defect Detection Service Requirements in Industrial Production Lines'.


Completed the Series B financing with a total amount of over USD 200 million and became a unicorn company.

Set up R&D and business centres in Beijing, Hangzhou, and Singapore.

The SmartMore Smart Manufacturing Lab was officially put into use. Over 60 AI-AOI devices for smart manufacturing were developed and mass-produced. Served 100+ industry leading enterprises.

Received 60+ industry recognitions including CE certification.


Completed Series A financing and became a quasi-unicorn company.

Set up R&D and business centres in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Tokyo.

Delivered self-developed smart industrial platform SMore ViMo for commercial use.

Became a key supplier to 10+ enterprises and named on over 50 major awards lists, including the "Most Influential Enterprises" Award


SmartMore was established.

Accomplished the angel investment.

Set up R&D and business centres in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Completed the first commercial project for smart inspection of semiconductor wafers.

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