According to the Technavio report, the overall size of the UHD video industry is projected to exceed USD56.99 billion in 2025, with huge prospects for the industry. However, during the transition period of UHD industry upgrade, there will be many obstacles, such as the expensive cost of upgrading both UHD production and broadcasting platform, and also the video quality of existing HD media materials cannot meet UHD broadcasting standards.

In response to the problems faced by the UHD video industry, SmartMore created the SMore Media Enhancement System with intelligent super-resolution based on its long-term technical accumulation. The system is cost-effective and easy to deploy, and one set can help users complete the upconversion of video from SD to HD and HD to UHD in batch, 7*24 hours a day.


As we all know, the traditional upconversion algorithm does not help to improve the video’s quality. But SMore Media Enhancement System realized the function of improving video quality as well as the brightness level, moreover, the motion picture is more smooth and the color is more vivid, which can fully meet the technical requirements for broadcasting on UHD platform. The whole system is built in accordance with the industry standard of broadcasting and film production, compatible with the mainstream encoding formats on the market, and the rich interface can be seamlessly connected with various existing production and broadcasting systems. Users can successfully complete the industrial transition of UHD video through the “SMore Media” video enhancement system, avoiding the huge cost of upgrading the production and broadcasting platform in the early stage, and colleagues can also change the old media resources to meet the existing platform broadcast requirements, so that the old drama can be “new flowers “and obtain new vitality.

One of the head domestic sports event broadcasters has applied the system in its 2021 production of sports matches. The PGM signal recorded by the HD OB van is converted to ultra-high-definition format by the “SMore Media” video enhancement system and then sent to the 4K TV platform for broadcast. The video quality after the algorithm processing was unanimously approved by industry experts and was evaluated to meet the technical requirements for 4K broadcasting. Thanks to the help of the “SMore Media” video enhancement system, future broadcasting will not be limited by hardware restrictions such as OB trucks and will be able to save costs and output high-quality UHD sports programs.

SmartMore will continue to provide professional video intelligent processing services through technological innovation and provide the industry with a full-chain, one-stop content production solution. At present, “SMore Media” family covers video enhancement systems, video restoration systems, video transcoding systems, and other products, covering the whole industrial chain of UHD program content production and old video restoration. The product series are as below.


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