Efficiency is always the key to competition between various enterprises in manufacturing. With the purpose of higher efficiency, 1D and 2D barcode, which can be read by machines, were invented for better tracking, production control, and automatic recognition. The more efficient you can read the barcode, the faster you can recognize the product model, specifications, and much other information.

However, the barcode may not be easily read by common code scanners, especially under harsh conditions, such as narrow space, fast running production lines, uneven surfaces, dark light, and hard-to-read materials. That’s why our SMore VS1000 was created to help you detect barcodes under harsh conditions.


5 pillars supporting our SMore VS1000 

1.DPM supported

With Smart Grid, our advanced sampling technology, SMore VS1000 is able to read the barcode on materials precisely, and even reading seriously distorted barcode will no longer be difficult.

2.High compatibility

More image characteristics can be collected using deep learning technology. Our SMore VS1000 is able to better pinpoint the barcode under a variety of scenarios by collecting more features about the barcode.

3.High performance of code reading

SMore VS1000 shows high performance of code reading, attributed to its advantages from both hardware and software:

  • Equipped with a 4-core SMP processor, SMore VS1000 makes full use of multithreading and improves the performance by 6 times compared with the single-core scanner.
  • Using SIMD, the operator of the traditional image algorithm is optimized with the vector instruction set, and the operator performance is improved by 5 times.
  • The asynchronous processing mechanism is adopted on the central processing unit and external devices, improving the use efficiency of CPU, FPU, and external hardware devices, and reducing the response time of the system by 30%.
  • SMore VS1000 can enhance the image contrast and reduce image noise, using the built-in megapixel image sensor, Smart Grid, and deep learning algorithm; with four kinds of lenses, the code reading can be carried out at different distances, and small-size code can also be recognized.


4.Customized delivery

We are able to deliver the customized SMore VS1000 with our self-developed algorithm.

5.Gigabit Ethernet

Among the same level products, Gigabit Ethernet, SMore VS1000 is used for more smooth image transmission, and the on-site debugging can get rid of the jam.

A New Era of Smart Manufacturing

With the above 5 pillars, SMore VS1000 shows a high degree of flexibility and ease of use. It also delivers a good performance in recognizing DPM on different materials as it can be customized.


With SMore VS1000, our smart code scanner, SmartMore Technology enables the manufacturing industry to achieve smart upgrading and improve production efficiency in an all-round way.

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