As the market conditions is complex and competitve, quality controll is an indispensable part to automotive industry since a large number of items can’t be handled mannully.There is an upward trend for improving inspection performance in the production process. One of the world’s top auto parts manufacturers adopted SMore ViMo to their car production line and successfully achived unmanned inspection for the “future factory”.

Gearbox bearing defect detection

Project Review

The client is a leading global supplier of integrated automotive and industrial products, known for its bearings. The project aims to detect marks and flaws on the bearing, stay away from various interruption factors such as uncleanness, fibers, hair etc.

Solution and application effect

Successfully realized multi-category inspection based on SMore ViMo inspection module. To achieve comprehensive inspection, the processing speed of the production line is less than 0.2 seconds/slice with the average daily processing more than 20,000 materials. which led to 80% of labor cost savings.

Auto radiator defect detection

The unmanned quality inspection project of the “smart factory” of one of the world’s top 500 companies.

Project Review

The project inspection materials are large, and at the same time need to carry out a full inspection of defects such as missing corners, bending, scratches, etc. Each object requires four quality inspectors to inspect and seal the test, to determine whether it is a qualified product, the efficiency of manual inspection is difficult to improve, the urgent need to introduce intelligent inspection solutions.

Solution and application effect

The SMore ViMo detection module is used to complete the integrated solution of imaging and algorithm.

The processing speed is less than 0.1 sec/slice and the average daily processing exceed 56,000 samples, the realization of this comprehensive inspection led to a labor cost saving to 96% as well.

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