The significance of quality inspection in manufacturing can never be underrated, as bad quality can ruin even the best of products.

However, many factories still resort to human quality inspectors to manually inspect their products, which is more costly, less efficient, and prone to errors. In 2021, quality control still relied up to around 80% on human resources for manual inspection. Therefore, any company managing to reduce the proportion of manual inspection will likely take the lead in the competition.

In order to address the above issue, we would like to offer our smart solutions:

  • Automatic inspection
  • Compatible model
  • Optical design
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Algorithm R&D

Automatic inspection

Many manufacturers prefer automatic inspection to human inspection because no further value is created during the quality inspection. With automatic inspection, skilled inspectors will be released to focus on the work with higher value.

Fortunately, our team consists of engineers with automation know-how and practical experience in system architecture, mechanical design, electronics, and communications. With such a team, we are able to offer you solutions that can automatically inspect your products.

Take our SMore ViMo for example. SMore ViMo is an online industrial AI platform helping you perform model training tasks based on our leading deep learning capabilities. You can apply the trained models to your production line, enabling you to inspect the products automatically.

Compatible model

Worrying about the compatibility of our trained models is unnecessary.

Let’s still take our SMore ViMo for example. Trained models can be exported from SMore ViMo into SDK, supporting a range of mainstream programming languages, such as Python, C, C++, and others.

In other words, no matter what industrial software you are using, our SDK of trained models will be compatible with your software.


Our SMore ViMo is an end-to-end general platform that provides full-stack smart capabilities for the entire industrial manufacturing process.

Optical design

If SMore ViMo is our smart brain for training models, then SMore ViScanner is our smart eye for capturing images of your products.

A scanner without excellent optical performance cannot be called a good scanner. Our scanners are able to capture images and read code reliably under harsh conditions, attributed to our optical engineers who are adept at configuring the cameras, models, and light sources.


Our ViScanner is highly flexible and easy to use.

Hardware acceleration

AI projects usually demand high requirements for computing power or hardware specifications, but that is not the case for SmartMore.

Why? The answer is that our engineers make full use of chip architecture and optimize the model code. Our R&D team achieves the ISP level by maximizing the computing performance on your CPU+GPU/NPU/AI chips.

For example, 1 GPU will be sufficient for our SMore ViMo to train models when many other AI projects require 2 GPUs. Therefore, you may not need to purchase more high-level hardware, further lowering your cost.

Algorithm R&D

Our competitive solutions can never be accomplished without the backup of R&D team.

Led by our founder, Jiaya Jia, a professor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), our R&D team consist of various technical talents where 60% of them hold doctoral or postgraduate degrees, accounting for over 75% of our employees in total.

We are also one of the earliest teams in the world engaging in machine vision technology. We have accumulated more than 20 years of world-leading academic and scientific research experience with the core technology capabilities of matrix-style computer vision.


SmartMore helps you build the smart factory.

Our 5 Solutions to smart manufacturing

In today’s market where competition is increasingly fierce, a company equipped with the process of automatic inspection will likely triumph over its rivals. With our 5 solutions, upgrading into smart manufacturing will be at your fingertips.

  • Automatic inspection
  • Compatible model
  • Optical design
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Algorithm R&D

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