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SmartMore Presented Machine Vision Solutions at VISION Stuttgart 2022


Oct 13, 2022

The world’s leading trade fair for machine vision, VISION received a total number of 6,505 trade visitors, with more than 378 exhibitors in Stuttgart from October 4th to October 6th. VISION provides an overview of the latest products, technologies and trending themes, such as embedded vision, hyperspectral imaging and deep learning. World-leading exhibitors from 60 countries are on hand to share the latest systems and components. It also offers plenty of inspiration in examples of real-world scenarios. Key technologies related to Industry 4.0 and automated processes can be found here.

SmartMore presented its machine vision solutions at VISION 2022. It introduced SMore ViMo, an end-to-end smart industrial platform for assured production, and use cases of quality control in the automotive industry. With broad industry coverage, flexible deployment methods and robust training algorithms, SmartMore aims to empower manufacturers with advanced machine vision solutions.



SMore ViMo is equipped with high-precision algorithm models to deliver on the core functions of OCR, detection, classification, and segmentation. It provides a toolset to support and elevate the entire manufacturing process. The visual inspection platform has been applied to over 1,000 cross-industry industrial application scenarios, including OCR in electronics, classification in semiconductors, segmentation in precision manufacturing industry, code reading in optical, and positioning in packing and logistics.


SmartMore also showcased the live demonstration of defect inspection. SMore ViMo can be easily adapted and deployed to various industrial scenarios, lowering the entry barrier of machine vision solutions. With the smart super “brain”, and standardized hardware Smart Sensor Series, the solutions capture and process images for analysis at a high precision rate, thus increasing the efficiency of the production line.


SmartMore integrates smart manufacturing capabilities into the production process, creating a new production approach with self-awareness, self-learning, self-decision, self-execution and self-adaptation capabilities. SmartMore aims to empower manufacturers with advanced machine vision solutions with broad industry coverage, flexible deployment methods and robust training algorithms.