GBA International Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Summit 2023 – Developing New Quality Productivity to Achieve New Industrialisation

Dec 18,2023

On 21st November, 2023, the recent staging of the 'GBA International Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Summit 2023' (Summit) by the Hong Kong Productivity Council brought together esteemed academicians and industry leaders at this prestigious event. Their collective presence and participation facilitated the exchange of the latest insights, use cases, and successful applications in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. The Summit covered a diverse range of compelling topics, including smart manufacturing, medical robotics, large-scale models, and AIGC, among others. By delving into these domains, participants gained invaluable perspectives on the opportunities and challenges they present, collectively propelling the trajectory of technological advancement.

Professor Dong Sun, JP, Secretary for Innovation, Technology, and Industry, delivered a speech during the event.

A highlight of the Summit was the visit of Professor Dong Sun, JP, Secretary for Innovation, Technology, and Industry of HKSAR, who graciously took the time to explore our exhibition booth. Professor Sun's keen interest in our extensive array of products and solutions prompted detailed discussions, as he sought to gain a deeper understanding of our offerings. Upon learning about our imminent launch of a new project at the Advanced Manufacturing Centre managed by the Hong Kong Science Park, Professor Sun expressed genuine anticipation and voiced his hope to witness the successful implementation and operation of the venture. His words of encouragement energised us, reaffirming our commitment to fostering a dynamic and innovative technology ecosystem within Hong Kong.


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