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SmartMore Introduced Its Supply Chain Solutions at GS1 Hong Kong Food Safety Forum 2021


SmartMore Introduced Its Supply Chain Solutions at GS1 Hong Kong Food Safety Forum 2021


Dec 2, 2021

The physical and virtual GS1 Hong Kong Food Safety Forum is held on 1 December 2021. Themed “Food Safety in Times of Crisis: Rethink, Reset, Revive” this year, industry experts and practitioners joined hands to connect and discuss the effective adoption of international standards and technologies to ensure the stability across the food supply chain management.


As a sponsor at the 2021 forum, SmartMore have brought our Supply Chain solutions and demonstrated our ability to empower supply chain traceability in the food industry. The solutions have overcome the current challenges on barcode scanning, in the application scenarios of inbound and outbound logistics, sorting and inventory management.


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SmartMore Shared SmartMore’s Insights at 2022 Tech Outlook

SmartMore Corporation Ltd. (“SmartMore”) had participated in the 2022 Tech Outlook hosted by Revive Tech Asia on 25 November, 2021 at W Hong Kong.

SmartMore is very honored to be invited as a guest speaker to empower innovation and creativity. During the conference, SmartMore introduced how to keep fast-growing in business. Our General Manager, Mr. Tandy Tan, have shared his insights on how the business can transform under current development and application, so as to reduce cost, manage risk and increase profitable growth.

The 2022 Tech Outlook is an exclusive one-day conference and networking event, aims to provide high level business decision makers and senior tech professionals urgent insights of where the future of business tech is heading, as well as to foster networking among like-minded leaders. For more information, please visit Revive Tech Asia.

AWS Working-Backwards Workshop at SmartMore

Keep innovation is in the DNA of SmartMore. SmartMore have always strived for advancement in our manufacturing and digital experience industries.

On 5th October 2021, AWS team held a training session for SmartMore team to introduce their corporate culture of customer-centric focus and working backwards on reimagining the next generation of their products. By getting a taste of customer-centric approach, our team try to process our product design and development through the reverse thinking of working backwards.

At the same time, this training have enabled our team to better communicate and collaborate with each other. With different activities, our team can understand more about our solutions and get better to know our colleague from different function teams.

SmartMore Showcase 5G Manufacturing Solutions at HKPC 5G Future Hall

SmartMore have showcase one of our manufacturing solutions at the revamp 5G Future Hall in HKPC (Hong Kong Productivity Council).

HKPC has long been making strenuous efforts in promoting 5G technology and applications. Since the grand opening of the 5G Future Hall at HKPC Building in May this year, the Hall has been one of the key landmarks to showcase innovative applications and business opportunities of 5G to the industry and the public.

The Hall is undergoing a revamp with new 5G solutions and application scenarios for smart manufacturing and smart living from major local 5G telecommunications operators and technology providers on show from September onwards. The exhibition is supported by more than 50 local public and private organizations with 11 of them becoming exhibitors.

Build Without Boundaries – SmartMore Presented at AWS Start Up Day Hong Kong

Technology is our future and gradually reshaping our world. Technology is also changing the manufacturing landscape in the ways we have not yet anticipated.

Join SmartMore in AWS Startup Day 2021 on 26 Aug 2021 to explore innovation and disruptive technologies. We will share how SmartMore help manufacturers transforming from industrial automation to smart manufacturing and build the new generation of architecture.

More details: AWS Startup Day Hong Kong