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Automated inspection system supplier & provider in China

SmartMore Corporation was built in 2019, located in HongKong. It is a professional and high tech smart manufacturing enterprise integrating products research, production, marketing, technical services. Our company has also developed long term cooperations with overseas suppliers from 7 countries, including United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, etc. SmartMore has obtained a number of specialized international certifications from various sectors to ensure our products to be available everywhere in the globe. We sincerely hope that we can establish mutually beneficial and cooperative partnerships together, and we can build a bright future.

Smartmore Engineers And Provides Automated Inspection Systems Fulfilling The Most Demanding Detection Requirements.

Our systems integrate phased array and eddy current array technologies to enable comprehensive volumetric and surface inspection of complex products and structures across industries like aerospace, transportation, energy, and metal manufacturing.

We have been employing automated systems with ultrasonic phased array technology since the early 2000s, delivering over 100 suites globally so far.

The Advantages of Choosing Smartmore:

  • Concentration of expertise from various fields
  • Superior quality assurance from an established brand
  • Durable, scalable and reliable solutions
  • Easy to operate, less reliant on operator skills
  • High-yield throughput

How Does The Inspection System Work?

Project Management

With expansive experience, expertise, and resources in project management, Smartmore ensures solutions are delivered on time and satisfy or go beyond expected specifications and performance. Our dedicated project team coordinates all project stages alongside the client, from planning and definition to onsite integration and production rollout.

Smartmore’s nondestructive testing (NDT) specialists design all solution components and deploy optimized ultrasonic and eddy current techniques for inspecting the part, including probe delineation, modeling, and scanning plan creation. Smartmore verifies the NDT capabilities of every automated inspection system pre and post delivery.


Designed for straightforward industrial integration, Smartmore instruments are manufactured, evaluated, and validated to the highest quality norms and relevant international standards. Dedicated system tools guarantee elevated productivity and scalability, accommodating various inspection modes for diverse applications.


Smartmore provides customized software with user interfaces tailored to industry requirements for straightforward use. Interfaces with motion controllers and plant production management software are incorporated for fully integrated inspection solutions.


Smartmore offers a vast selection of standard and bespoke ultrasonic and eddy current probes suited for applications necessitating conventional ultrasonic, eddy current array, or sophisticated phased array techniques.


To optimize inspection efficacy, Smartmore’s automation team develops and institutes probe set and workpiece movement. Various hardware selection choices are presented, with programming languages fixed on customer requisites and environmental particulars.


Developed to support the inspection technique, Smartmore’s mechanical systems deliver enhanced detectability, repeatability, and durability over their lifespan. Numerous mechanical architectures have been engineered, like gantry bridges, pass-through, immersion tanks, and robotics, adapted to explicit applications and conditions.


To ease system integration while satisfying preeminent international design and safety protocols like CE, CSA, UL, and ULC, Smartmore's electrical interfaces are conceived and fabricated accordingly.

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Automated Inspection System Products

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Teslong 5-inch IPS Endoscope Inspection Camera with Articulation Head, Two-Way Articulating Borescope with Light, and Automotive Mechanics Fiber Optic Scope-0.24-inch

The AMERICAN MUTT TOOLS Fiber Optic Camera Snake is an excellent endoscope tool for mechanics. It is a 6.5FT 5.5mm 1080p HD USB Snake Inspection Camera with 6 LED Lights. It is waterproof and rated IP67.

automated inspection system

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I required a scanner with diagnostic capabilities so that I could help troubleshoot the fleet of cars owned by my family. I already have a quite expensive OBD Scanner, but it just detects codes connected to the powertrain and gives me real-time Subaru data. For my Ford F250, not much more. The 2000 Ford F250 and my Subarus both have more precise defect diagnosis thanks to the DS808's interrogation of all vehicle subsystems. To determine the precise configuration for diagnostics, it automatically reads the VIN. You can get started and oriented with the help of the tutorials, but beyond that, it's rather self-explanatory. I'll find the handbook to be a terrific resource when I want to utilize the full potential of the product because it's clear and comprehensive. Its numerous data management features make it perfect for a shop that handles business. The device seems like a high-grade instrument and has excellent overall quality. To make sure I knew what the unit could and could not accomplish for my particular automobiles (by VIN), pre-sale support was invaluable. All responses were received within a day.

Let me tell you, the FLIR ONE Gen 3 - iOS - Thermal Camera for Smart Phones is an incredible device that I recently acquired. My surroundings has been turned into a vibrant, warm fantasy by this tiny device. I wasn't sure what to expect from a thermal camera for my phone at first, but this tiny treasure has well above my expectations. I never would have believed that I could see anything in thermal imaging until I discovered the MSX Image Enhancement Technology. It resembles my own unique superpower! I used my FLIR ONE for a ghost hunt with some pals as one of my initial uses. While investigating an ancient, deserted building, the FLIR ONE detected a variety of odd heat signatures. Even though we discovered that the ghost we were searching for was simply a raccoon that lived in the attic, the experience was nevertheless entertaining. Additionally, I looked into some odd noises coming from my attic using the FLIR ONE. I was certain that there was a creature of some kind residing there, but

I've utilized the FLIR E5-XT, FLIR TG 165, and Seek Compact Pro in addition to the FLIR One Pro over the past few months. My main use is in the evaluation of mid-sized gadgets. With its excellent thermal resolution and ability to take very sharp thermal-domain images, the Seek is a terrific value, but its app has terrible support and very limited capabilities. While it's been a terrific tool, an update is much needed. I only keep my old Pixel phone around so I can use Seek. Although it had limited capability and was highly pricey, the handheld FLIR E5-XT was a respectable camera. Compared to the less costly Seek, Images was subpar. I doubt it could record video. It appeared to be a sturdy device and came with a lovely casing. Just a little bit more than a toy, the TG 165 was. The functionalities supplied by the camera were quite limited. The single indicated measured temperature was not aligned with the image, and no special scaling could be done to the photos, so they were essentially useless for any other purpose.